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Are you looking to generate additional income from commercial property or development land, create 'buzz' around a new development or just want to increase exposure to the media and creative sectors?

If you need a company who understands management, innovation, creativity and value-generation - then these are just some of the areas we are working with clients and customers on at sites in London and across the country.

Welcome to SPACE-2 Consulting...

Mark Hughes-Webb

Lead Consultant

A law graduate with distinctly entrepreneurial tendencies and an almost geeky interest and knowledge of UK commercial property, Mark started SPACE-2 in house at the the UK’s largest property company, Land Securities.

With previous experience of working in companies in the commercial conference and PR sector as well as exposure to the defence, finance and technology industries, Mark brought a unique skillset to the development of the UK’s leading creative property consultancy. Developing business models and initiatives as well as a number of related companies, Mark’s focus on temporary and interim use of space across the UK has enabled SPACE-2 Consulting to become a leading light in a fast growing niche and an authority on commercialisation.

He is a regular speaker at industry seminars and has a keen interest in developing work experience opportunities and internships that meet the needs of micro businesses and entrepreneurs.

Jeremy Pelzer

Lead Consultant

With a unique background in Studio development and feature film production, Jeremy is an active Consultant on wider creative sector opportunities, including the development of two major Studio projects in the UK. As Commercial Director of SPACE-2 Consulting, Jeremy regularly comes into contact with complex and extraordinary requirements for Productions.

Jeremy has been instrumental helping solidify and grow the biggest studio projects in the UK; Consultant Managing Director of Elstree Film Studios Ltd, consultant on the £8 million redevelopment of 3 Mills, Director of Ealing Studios (including the supervision of two phases of a £50 million redevelopment), securing foreign investment whist consulting on the design & planning of Leavesden Studios - now Warner Bros largest Studio outside the U.S.

Jeremy’s former Board positions include those for the Production Guild of Great Britain and the Skillset Screen Academy at the London College of Communications. As a member of the Filming in London Partnership Committee, he also chaired the West London Creative Industries Strategy. As an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society, Jeremy guest lectures in Film for the University of the Creative Arts.

Our Services

SPACE-2 Consulting has learnt a lot over the last decade when it comes to the temporary use of space. Increasingly our knowledge, experiences and database are being focused on what we call 'In-itiatives'.

In-itiatives are geographically focused activity programmes aimed at fulfilling the objectives and aspirations of property owners and managers through the delivery of creative use spaces which generate and support actvity, targeted business growth and ultimately sustainable development.

Studio Strategies

With growing consumer demand through multi-media channels and a corresponding increased investment in production, there is growing pressure on international studio infrastructure for film and television productions of all kinds. A pressure that is likely to increase – in part as a result of rising levels of high-end television production, as well as support through the variety of continuing tax reliefs offered.

Where capacity issues are identified, and therefore a market opportunity for new Studios, SPACE-2 specialise in assessing and examining opportunities for the development, investment and expansion of new and existing facilities.

Drawing upon over 20 years experience in the creation of permanent and temporary Studio facilities, SPACE-2 Consulting regularly advise on international Studio developments, examining business models, providing risk analysis, operational finance projections, reviewing ROI assumptions and utilisation evaluations.

Advising established facilities on redevelopment and expansion opportunities, SPACE-2 can advise and draw upon recent experiences of international Studio developments including design, planning, modern construction techniques and investment options.

Place Creation & Workplace Strategies

Commercial real estate models are changing rapidly to adjust to a new marketplace reality. With almost 50% of corporate occupiers looking to shift some long-term leases to co-working, it is expected that flexible workplace offerings will exceed 10% of all office space within the next 5 years.

In the same way that companies learned to shrink or grow their workforce on-demand with independent contractors and contingent workers, they are now applying the same approach to real estate, opting for pay-as-you-go workplace models like co-working and local working.

SPACE-2 specialise in maximizing potential benefits from this massive shift in workspace demand, away from traditional leases and advising on co-working strategies, reinventing space to accommodate the need for flexibility.

A trend that is not limited to office buildings, opportunities extend to retail units, even residential space. Whether the inclusion of co-working opportunities, shared tenant work-lounges, event space or pre-built suites, we assist in optimising greater flexibility and vibrancy.


With a wealth of experience working for and with leading property and creative studio companies as well as a wide range of clients from start-up agencies to established media brands, SPACE-2 Consulting can provide a range of advisory services to businesses looking to find new premises/offices, relocate, downsize or better utilize existing space. Alongside preferred partners who specialize in services ranging from rates advice to interior design and fit-out, we can pull together a ‘best practice’ team suited to your requirements and your budget. We are also very well-placed to advice occupiers on innovative ways of using existing space or working in collaboration with like-minded organisations or co-located businesses to make more of their current location – whether it be through ‘BID - business improvement district’ style initiatives or involvement with Local Enterprise Partnerships or Enterprise Zone Initiatives.

Creative Environment Strategies

Increasingly, startups, incubators and accelerators around the world are clustering around leading-edge companies and institutions. By creating shared value, place-making has much to offer - it can play an important role in an integrated strategy designed to attract, retain and cultivate talent; to improve networking and communication flows between innovators; to make a memorable destination distinct, an ‘innovation district’.

Making innovation visible and public, SPACE-2 Consulting can help accomplish goals whilst averting, sharing, and externalising costs, to provide a greater return on investment than many conventional approaches.

SPACE-2 assist in the vision and creation of strategies. How do stakeholders within the district collaborate and make decisions? Where does the money come from? Who has the power to implement the plans and policies? To truly empower place-making as a strategy for accelerating innovation, districts must experiment with new models of Governance. It means planning proactively and accountably with workers, freelancers and other end users, fostering a common sense of vision for the environment’s future.

Initiatives & Clients


The concept is simple - take one former sleepy London backwater and transform it by providing managed access to a range of spaces to form a creative cityscape, a space to do business in, attracting media producers, designers, communicators, marketeers, fashionistas, technologists and entrepreneurs and anyone with a creative business idea. 

Film Warwickshire

Film Warwickshire has been set up by SPACE-2 Consulting, to deliver a wide range of public and privately owned/managed locations for use by the film, TV and photographic industry. Film Warwickshire aims to provide practical support to media producers who wish to use Warwickshire's diverse portfolio of locations and landscapes.

Film Surrey

Film Surrey is an independent initiative by aimed at promoting and managing locations across the county.

With many years' experience and a committed team, FILM SURREY aims to assist councils as welll as public and private sector property owners in developing practical policy and delivering sustainable, accessible locations.

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