About Us

In March 2020, the economy is facing unprecedented challenges and disruption on such a large scale that pose significant threats to the way businesses operate. SPACE-2 Consulting has seen some of these trends coming over the years and now believes that these trends will not only speed-up but that new opportunities will arise as a result. However, this will be at the expense of “business as usual”. Our consultants come from a range of backgrounds that perhaps more than ever will help support businesses that believe that linear business models are redundant and where the adoption of flexibility, resilience and sustainability are key.

With extensive knowledge of and track records in setting up and running companies as well as supporting business owners in developing their businesses, our consultants also have the benefit of entrepreneurial, financial and operational experience from a range of sectors and companies.

Mark Hughes-Webb

Lead Consultant

A law graduate with distinctly entrepreneurial tendencies and an almost geeky interest and knowledge of UK commercial property, Mark started SPACE-2 in house at the the UK’s largest property company, Land Securities.

With previous experience of working in companies in the commercial conference and PR sector as well as exposure to the defence, finance and technology industries, Mark brought a unique skill set to the development of the UK’s leading creative property consultancy.

Developing business models and initiatives as well as a number of related companies, Mark’s focus on temporary and interim use of space across the UK has enabled SPACE-2 Consulting to become a leading light in a fast growing niche and an authority on commercialisation.

He is a regular speaker at industry seminars and has a keen interest in developing work experience opportunities and internships that meet the needs of micro businesses and entrepreneurs.

Mark is currently a Create Central board member.

Louise White

Managing Consultant

A SuperMum of three, BSc Psychology graduate, with sustainability at the heart of everything she does. Louise has been fortunate to travel large parts of the globe and hold down some interesting PR jobs in Australia and Ibiza along the way.

Louise has been an integral part of the SPACE-2 experience for over 16 years, embracing the challenges of working across the Property and Creative Industries. From starting out with Mark at Land Securities as the Commercialisation team’s film and event coordinator, through to managing a team of experienced Location Coordinators Nationwide, and her most recent role as Director of Film Locations for SPACE-2 Group, there are not many types of properties or production companies Louise has not had the pleasure of working with. Louise has extensive experience of managing property partners and creative client relationships, business development, managing operations and associated risks.     

Louise also works for Cradle to Circular Design Consultancy as an Environmental Project Manager, supporting and coordinating Cradle to Cradle Certifications and Environmental Impact Assessments.

Nick Brian