Initiatives & Clients

The concept is simple – take one former sleepy London backwater and transform it by providing managed access to a range of spaces to form a creative cityscape, a space to do business in, attracting media producers, designers, communicators, marketeers, fashionistas, technologists and entrepreneurs and anyone with a creative business idea.

Film Warwickshire has been set up by SPACE-2 Consulting, to deliver a wide range of public and privately owned/managed locations for use by the film, TV and photographic industry. Film Warwickshire aims to provide practical support to media producers who wish to use Warwickshire’s diverse portfolio of locations and landscapes.

Film Surrey is an independent initiative by aimed at promoting and managing locations across the county.

With many years’ experience and a committed team, FILM SURREY aims to assist councils as well as public and private sector property owners in developing practical policy and delivering sustainable, accessible locations