Studio Strategies

With growing consumer demand through multi-media channels and a corresponding increased investment in production, there is growing pressure on international studio infrastructure for film and television productions of all kinds. A pressure that is likely to increase – in part as a result of rising levels of high-end television production, as well as support through the variety of continuing tax reliefs offered.

Where capacity issues are identified, and therefore a market opportunity for new Studios, SPACE-2 Consulting specialise in assessing and examining opportunities for the development, investment and expansion of new and existing facilities.

Drawing upon over 20 years experience in the creation of permanent and temporary Studio facilities, SPACE-2 Consulting regularly advise on international Studio developments, examining business models, providing risk analysis, operational finance projections, reviewing ROI assumptions and utilisation evaluations.

Advising established facilities on redevelopment and expansion opportunities, SPACE-2 Consulting can advise and draw upon recent experiences of international Studio developments including design, planning, modern construction techniques and investment options.